Mazort Elastic Microfiber Cat Ears Hair Drying Cap Quick Dry Shower Hair Wrap Towel for Long Short Women Hair

Cute and fashion cat ears appearance. Let you more lively, beautiful and attractive. Made of ultra soft coral fleece, smooth feel, 100% DTY microfiber composite. Easy to clean and dry, anti bacteria. Five times water absorbent rate than ordinary towels. Quickly dry your wet hair, avoid your hair damage by electric hair dryer. Wraps easily into a turban, keep in place with the elastic band and one size suits all head type and all hair types. This super absorbent, lightweighted hair towels are great ideal for daily use at home, in the gym and traveling, it is a great helper in facial, bathing, make-up and face washing.


To quickly dry your hair without frizzing, split ends or breakage, throw in the cotton towel and the mediocre microfiber hair turban. This hair towel made of ultra soft and water absorbent coral fleece.  This hair towel primes straight or curly hair of any length to air dry naturally or blow dry in less time with less hair damage. It's also a "fancy" favorite with girls after swimming or the bath.


Your hair deserves better.



Keeping your hair healthy effectively.

Easy to use and save your time, energy.

Long hair and short hair are available.

Convenient to carry when you travel outside.

Made from microfiber, it is durable, soft, super water-absorbing and not hurt the hair.

Using it to dry your hair, especially long hair, fast and easy without any electric blower.