MAZORT Pet Grooming Gloves, Gentle Deshedding Cleaning Brush Mitt, Efficient Pet Hair Removal Massage Tool with Five Finger Design for Long & Short Fur Dogs & Cats (Right Hand)

Long or Short Hair - They are the best De-shedding gloves for your pets, grooming the hair quickly, gently and effectively. No matter what how long fur he is or short, dry or wet. Ease of Use - Made of 100% recyclable materials. Easy to slip on, have an adjustable wrist strap, can be worked as Bathing Gloves, De-shedding Gloves, Massage Gloves, Grooming Gloves, Comb or Brush for Horse, Dogs, Cats or other breeds. Size/Fit - One Size fit all design. The perfect combination of scrubbing nodules on fingers and palms. Fit snug on your wrist, it has a Velcro adjuster will not slip or fall off even when wet and soapy and it is not easy to slip from your wrist, suitable for everyone. Massage Tool - The five-finger design de-shedding gloves mimic the touch of your hand to massage. Improve the intimacy between you and your pets, which helping you naturally build a bond with your animals. Available in black and blue, and have 180 soft, silicone tips that mimics the touch of your hand for a soft and relaxing massage promote pets blood circulation, collect loose hair and dander without tugging or scratching the skin. Unbeatable 5 fingered design grooming glove - The five-finger design de-shedding gloves mimic the touch of your hand to massage. Perfect combination of gloves and cleaning brush, which more effective for massaging and cleaning your pet leg, face, ears and tight body contours. Hands-on grooming and petting allow you to connect with your animals on a level far beyond other grooming products. Keep your hands and fingernails stay clean.

Pet Grooming Glove Hair Remover Brush Pet Brushes Massage Brush/Comb-Gentle Deshedding Brush Glove Perfect for Cats, Dogs & Horses.

Of course we all love our pets/pooches, but a matted, unruly coat can be unattractive and uncomfortable for your canine. Many dogs and cats shy away from the rough bristles of a regular brush. Now we have great solution to your hairy problems! Try our Grooming Glove and completely forget about shedding like an awful nightmare. 

If you have a sensitive pet, try him or her with one of these pet grooming gloves. Our high quality Grooming Glove was designed to be extremely gentle with your pet bringing only satisfaction and pleasure. SOFT RUBBER TIPS take hair off easily while letting your furry friend think he or she is simply being stroked, so brushing and bathing become bonding experiences rather than dreaded ones. Nylon mesh liner is fast drying Gentle rounded tips. Adjustable wristband and fits comfortably Easy to clean.

- Use wet or dry
- One size fits all design
- 180 soft silicone bristles/rubber 
- One Pack: One for Right Hand
- Five finger design (Have Individual Sections for Each Finger)
- Includes a Velcro strap to adjust fit
- Dries quickly & Breathable mesh cloth
- Mimics owner's touch
- Easy clean up(Simply dry under the Sun after using)
- Provide a relaxing massage
- Can also remove hair from furniture
- Can be used while bathing
- Good for hard to reach spots
- Great for daily use
- Durable Enough for Long-lasting Use
- Lifetime satisfaction guarantee

Each glove measures 7.5" W x 6" L
Material: Rubber & Black Mesh
Color: Black & Blue
Package included: 1 glove (right hand)

Happy pet and happy you. Order right now have only the best moments with your furry friend and enjoy your clean house!